2nd October International Day Of Non Violence, the birthday of a great man,Gandhi. A man of will and patience, a man of principals and goals. A man who fought against the empire of the British kingdom with a just a Lathi(stick) in his hand and a Dhoti(cloth piece) on his body. His determination to take back the country from the rule with its dignity and without even lifting a hand against the Britishers.

Gandhi was a philosopher, every phase of his life is an example for others to follow.  He believed in the idea of

“Paap ko khatam karo, paapi ko nhe”

“Kill the sin not the sinner”

His entire life was devoted to make transform the hatred and greediness love and compassion for others, because that is what makes us humane.

Gandhi is an epitome of patience and love, to gain even 1% of  his patience and compassion in our day today life we can make this world a much much better place to live.

A man of Simplicity and Truthfulness,  purity of thoughts and respect for each individual, I bow down in front of such great Mahatma(Saint).


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